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The Bliss Hoodie: Your portable sanctuary


Introducing The Bliss Hoodie. The first CBD & Eucalyptus Oil infused heavyweight cotton hoodie designed to make you feel as if you are relaxing in a spa despite whatever chaos may be surrounding you.

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Reconnect with Nature

We are glued to our screens, and have completely lost connection with ourselves and Nature. The average American spends over 7 hours a day looking at their phone or computer. Our brains are constantly over-stimulated, and as result, mental health issues are at unprecedented levels.

Our state-of-the-art fabrics are infused with layers of micro-capsules that release nutrients upon touch. We formulated a health & wellness blend of pure CBD Isolate microcapsules & mild infusions of Eucalyptus oil that were optimized to provide the user an experience of ultimate relaxation. 

Image by FDG

Pure CBD Isolate

Our Hemp-derived CBD is sourced within the United States, and is distilled to ensure quality and purity.

Image by Annie Spratt

Natural Eucalyptus

Sourced and distilled by leading essential oil distillers in Germany

Image by Marianne Krohn

100% American Cotton 

Our 100% cotton is sourced from ethical family owned farms in North Carolina.

Image by Lalit

Designed in California

The Bliss Hoodie is manufactured in California using patent-pending technology & design. 

You are on the waitlist :) 

The purity and safety of our ingredients are verified through third-party lab testing. We also verified that the effects of our cbd micro-capsules were able to last up to 10 washes in standard washing and drying cycles with mild detergent. Results may vary outside of lab controlled conditions. 

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